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Sellerdeck – Web Developers and Sellerdeck Community Support

By 2006 Sellerdeck was riding high in world of e-commerce providing a user friendly and powerful resource for creating e-commerce websites for medium to small sized businesses in the UK using the Sellerdeck (formally Avtinic) software.

At the time similar to Shopify today there was many Sellerdeck partner agencies such as Green Jersey and Peblaco offering bespoke custom Sellerdeck themes to enhance a customers online presence to professional looking Sellerdeck theme.

What changed for Sellerdeck?

Over the past few year’s cloud based e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and woocommerce have taken the core of the e-commerce market due offering extensive range of features that Sellerdeck could not match. Have you not asked yourself why Sellerdeck themselves are now so keen to push woocommerce and magento migrations away from their own platform.

With the change many leading Sellerdeck web developers moved away from Sellerdeck and started using platforms like Shopify and offered customers the chance to move way from Selledeck and by offer Sellerdeck migration to Shopify and other popular e-commerce platforms.

Sellerdeck offered so much, but with the numbers dropping on Sellerdecks own once popular Selledeck community the writing was on the wall and sadly Sellerdeck has fallen out of favour with many business over recent years.

If your business has come to a cross roads in using Sellerdeck and would like to discuss the alternative to Sellerdeck such as Shopify, please contact us today: