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Sellerdeck Migration to Shopify

Sellerdeck was one of the original e-commerce platforms that offered small to medium sized businesses in the early to late 00’s a software based e-commerce platform.

At the time the main advantage of Sellerdeck was its low running costs and ease of use similar to Shopify today; However, as Sellerdeck features remained static due to the lack of opportunity to expand being software based many cloud based content management systems have arrived and taken away Sellerdecks ecommerce platform crown.

Time to Migration away from Sellerdeck?

If you’re like many of Sellerdeck customers that have considered moving away from Sellerdeck, but concerned about the cost or loss of search engine ranking gained from Sellerdeck use creating static HTML pages with a acatalog reference! Then worry no more, as moving away from Sellerdeck and migrating to Shopify is easier than you think.

The benefit of moving to Shopify from Sellerdeck is how similar they’re. Many Sellerdeck customers that have migrated away from Sellerdeck to Shopify have noted how similar they’re in functinoality and many Sellerdeck customers find running a Shopify store as easy as Sellerdeck.

Need a quote for migrating from Sellerdeck to Shopify?

Just like Sellerdeck, Shopify has many price models to suit your business requirements and your Sellerdeck store can migrated to Shopify as a like for like in terms of look and structure, or you may wanting a complete revamp of your design with your content optimised.

Did we mention your migration wont effect your current live store during the Sellerdeck migration to Shopify process?

If you’d like to find out more, and interested in learning how a former Sellerdeck web developer can migrate your Sellerdeck store to Shopify get in touch today!